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How technology is helping transform theory to tangible results in sports

How has the technology, phones and mobile apps become such an integral part of our lives? In applying the 'Hook' theory - triggers, action, reward and investment, we can see how enhanced fan engagement can translate to tangible results in sports.

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Rights holders, Brands & Broadcasters

Infront Lab brings you the latest cutting edge technology through our R&D facility. We create concepts and solve problems through tailor-made tools which have technological and business benefits. Where a technology already exists on the market, Infront Lab helps you to assess the suitability of that technology to address your challenges.

Startups & Research Institutions

Infront Lab brings you easy and fast access to the market. Our Accelerator provides a professional execution platform that supports you through the scaling up of your sales as part of a well designed partnership.

About Infront Lab

Infront Lab is Infront's research and development (R&D) unit. It explores opportunities for intelligent solutions to challenges facing clients and partners in an agile and efficient manner. It goes beyond traditional R&D by creating concepts and solving problems through tailor-made tools which have technological and business benefits.

There are over 7,000 startups connected to the sports technology industry with 900 new companies created every year. Infront Lab taps into the best start-ups and allows us to introduce new services, creating revenue streams via three models. These are partnerships, investments and owned products.


Our technology

Artificial Intelligence plays a big part in all areas of sports today and is among the most sought after technologies. It increases the quality of content, the quantity of content, and allows all stakeholders to make smarter decisions. Using AI-based tools, Infront Lab is empowering content creators, digital publishers and media companies to optimise on their reach and engagement, in addition to monitoring and monetisation of their assets.

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Beyond Clicks: Harnessing Technology to Maximise Marketing Efficiency


Think you know the secret to creating a captivating offering? Shake up everything you know about capturing fans' attention, making the most of 'appnostic' behaviour and creating an offering that not only engages fans but ensures they continue coming back for more.

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Webinar: Blockchain in sports - Technology and applications

Recently we witnessed an awakening in the utilisation of blockchain technology for fan engagement purposes. Nonetheless, fan tokens are just the tip of the iceberg in blockchain applications. Join us to understand the world of blockchain, what is so unique about it, and how it can be applied to sports.


Webinar: Fighting sports content piracy

Learn how AI-based video search engine equipped with ultralight video fingerprinting capabilities is empowering rights holders.

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Are you a startup looking for easy and fast access to the market? Perhaps a rights holder, brand or broadcaster looking to optimise on reach, engagement, monitoring and monetisation of your assets?

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